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Our Weekend In A Forest House

chrissy and I recently made a trip to the oregon coast for a weekend trip to a forest house! 

once we reached the coast, we immediately headed to the beach at seaside, oregon. seaside is filled with lots of neat treasures, including the salt works, an oven used by lewis & clark to make salt for their journey. we also found the best swing set ever. a swing with an ocean view.. it doesn't get much better than that. 

after beaching for a few hours, we headed over to our forest house. the house sits on an organic farm that creates 100% of it's electricity. it even has a solar powered bath house! the wood burning stove was a little tricky at first, but we adapted to forest living pretty quickly! 

the next morning we awoke to a rooster crowing and warm light shining in through the windows. 

we decided to spend the day at falcon point in oswest state park. the day started out foggy, but the sun soon followed. 

after a long day of hikes and beach walks we headed back to the forest for some well deserved vegan smores and a warm bed with a beautiful view. 


Matthew Alexander