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Zig Zag Canyon, Mount Hood

Zig Zag Canyon at Mount Hood is a 4.4 mile out and back stretch of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). 

The peak of Mount Hood starting to become visible as the clouds pass by. 

A tiny path etched out along the slope of the mountain. 

Nolan hanging out on the mountain side. 

Zig Zag Canyon. Pretty incredible. 

Nolan, Chrissy and myself at Zig Zag Canyon. 

THE WARMING ROCK. It was very windy and chilly being so close to the summit of Mount Hood. However, we stumbled upon a mysterious heat source, which we dubbed, "The Warming Rock." 

The Warming Rock sustained us with its life giving heat while we enjoyed the view of Zig Zag Canyon. Thank you Warming Rock. You will forever have a special place in our hearts. 

Nolan coming back down the path. 


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