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Bells Mountain Hike at Moulton Falls

Last week, Chrissy and I attempted this hike, but we were met with a terrential downpour. Since we weren't equipped for a long hike in that kind of weather, we played around on the rocks of Lucia Falls for a bit. Here is an image from that day before the rain started: 

This year, to continue our Thanksgiving tradition of taking advantage of the empty forests while everyone else is at home eating, we came back to Moulton Falls. It was very clear and sunny, although pretty chilly. Once we started gaining elevation, we still ended up having to shed some layers. 

We made sure to visit every sun spot we could find before setting off on the hike. 

It was the perfect day for this hike as every clearing offered an amazing view of Mount Saint Helens. (My favorite mountain in the PNW) 


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