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Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain is part of the Oregon Coast Range and is the tallest of Clatslop County. 

The hike is roughly two miles to the peak and goes through some pretty difficult terrain. We encountered some narrow cliffside stretches that were completely covered in ice! We didn't have spikes on our shoes, so we ended up getting on our knees and sliding across the ice! It wasn't ideal, but at least we made it through! 

Looking over Clatslop County as we head up to the peak. 

The fog started to get pretty thick as we got closer to the top. 

On a clear day, the peak offers a 360 degree view of the area and you can even see the Pacific Ocean, but all of that was hidden by fog. I wasn't too upset though, the fog is just as beautiful, in my opinion. 

Until next time!