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The Redwood Forests of Northern California

This past weekend, Chrissy and I met our friend Connor in Northern California! We camped in Jedidiah Smith Redwood Forest. The old growth areas of the forest are truly amazing. The trees are absolutely massive, and their bark is so tough, it makes them fireproof!  

There always seems to be a patch of fog rolling through some part of the forest. It's very surreal to see massive tress hiding in the fog, only letting a few sunbeams reach the ground. 


After a morning hike through the forest, we decided to head over to Smith River and go for a swim! 


Saturday night, we found a clearing and watched the stars arrive. 

This was the furthest we have made it down highway 101 and the California coast! We're already making plans to drive even further down 101 and visit Connor in San Francisco!