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Abiqua Falls

Chrissy and I recently when on a mission to find Abiqua Falls. It was quite difficult to locate as it was pretty far off of the beaten path. Our car couldn't even make it down the dirt "road" leading to the hike so we had to abandon it and head off on foot to find the trail. It was still a very scenic walk to find the trail though. 

There also wasn't much of a trail leading to the falls... more so just a bunch of rocks that you have to climb over along side of a beautiful stream. The forest was so peaceful and green. Here is Chrissy forging ahead to the falls. 

There were even some pretty steep slopes on the trail. Luckily there were ropes to help! 

Here is Chrissy making her way down the rope! 

The river along the trail was incredible and very serene. We were literally the only people there. 

The view was breathtaking once we climbed over the final large rock to reveal the falls. We stopped for a while to sit on some rocks and eat some snacks, but we couldn't stay for very long since the sun was setting and we still had 3 miles of an uphill hike back to our car!

Here I am just enjoying the view.

This is definitely our new favorite spot in Oregon. 

See you again soon Abiqua Falls! 


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